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Your wedding is an important day and there are lots of details to consider. Before you start stressing about all the aspects of planning a wedding such as where to begin, how much everything will cost, how to find the best vendors, etc, worry not! We are here to save your time and limit your many concerns as we now offer the best Bali wedding packages that are designed at Bali’s most popular wedding sites with all-inclusive services available. We have added special elements with the best value into all our packages to enhance your celebration.

We understand that no wedding is the same and that there will never be a one-size-fits-all package that suits every couple especially for big weddings that need to be customized along the way thus we create these wedding packages as the starting point to help you through the planning process. From ceremony, cocktails, to reception, music and more, we provide you the perfect foundation to start creating the wedding of your dreams. Once you have got your basics, then you can begin to custom-design with each of our vendors and choose your favorite colors, flowers, food, décor, and more!

Our packages are designed to be easy, flexible and customizable. Start with choosing a package that fits your guest count and includes everything you are looking for. Keep in mind that you can always add or remove anything from any package and the cost of the package will be adjusted as well. We will work with you to make sure your package is tailored to your particular needs.

Finally, relax and have fun! By option for our all-inclusive package, you have just freed up lots of time to really enjoy the process.


* All packages are all inclusive with tax and service fees
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When is the best time to marry in Bali ?

The best time to marry in Bali is any time depending on your priorities. Year round weddings are not a problem in Bali. However, there are some conditions that you would need to consider prior to planning the wedding date as it may affect your travel plans and the wedding cost. Such conditions are the weather, peak season, Nyepi Day and its festival the day before.


Indonesia (Bali) has only a wet and a dry season. The dry season is from May to October and the wet season is from November to April. The weather in Bali is hot and humid but the humidity and rain increase during the wet season. However, the wet season does not mean torrential downpours all day every day. Even when it rains, it is usually only for a short while and it is often followed by sunny clear skies. During the dry season, coastal areas normally experience nice breeze in the evening.

Peak season

As the dry season in Bali is generally considered the best time to visit, so it is the peak season especially August, as well as Christmas and New Year. Accommodation, travel cost and wedding venues are normally more expensive during this period and they can get fully booked months in advance.

Nyepi Day

This is the 24-hour of silence. Nyepi Day signifies the start of the Saka New Year in Bali and it is a day of silence, reflection, fasting and meditation for the Balinese. Airport is closed on this day, no one is allowed on the streets or beaches, no taxi, and all businesses close. Bali is essentially shut down. For this full 24 hours, everyone is expected to remain inside and no noise is permitted.

If you are into avoiding the wet season and the peak season in Bali, we definitely recommend May, June, September or October as the best months for the wedding as these months are still dry and warm during the day but cooler in the evening. Also most of the wedding venues are available at their lower rates.

However, if you do option for the wet season for the wedding, do not worry, we are more than happy to assist you with the backup plan.

Can I pick my own vendors or do you have a preferred vendor list?

At Lily Wedding Services we pride ourselves on offering only the finest professionals in the industry. We have an array of fabulous vendors for all services from which to select. However, should you have an interest in any vendor who is not our regular partner, we will certainly discuss with you their potential involvement in your wedding to be sure it is a good fit. Do note that you will need to provide us all the details of the vendor that you will contract on your own and all the arrangement and payment with your direct vendor will be done directly by you.

What can I expect to budget for my Bali wedding ?

This does vary according to your desires of course. To get started, we offer several packages or quotations with options of venues from which you might wish to begin with as an inclusive approach to your wedding planning, then add or upgrade any desired elements not included. However, most of our weddings are custom as there are so many variables and each couple has their own individual style and budget. Your Lily Wedding Services wedding planner can offer you a preliminary proposal so you can view what a wedding might amount to based on the services and inclusions you are considering.

What is required to legally get married in Bali ?

For the legal marriage in Bali, you will be required to have both religious and legal civil ceremony at the same time. Subject to Indonesian Marriage Law No.1 of 1974, a couple must have the same religion otherwise one must make a written declaration letter of changing religion or intention to marry in the religion agreed without any force from anyone. The letter shall then be legalized by the Consulate or local government. You must declare a religion out of these official religions recognized by Indonesian Government; Islam, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, and Hindu.
If you are not Indonesian, you will be required to provide “Notice of Intention to Marry or Certificate of No Impediment”. This is a letter from your Embassy or Consulate representative in Indonesia stating that there is no objection for you to get married in Indonesia.
We will guide and assist you further with the paperwork and the process with the religious representative and the Civil Registry Office in Bali.
Please see our CEREMONIES section for the document details you will need to prepare for the full legal wedding.

Why should we hire Lily Wedding Services for our Bali wedding ?

Lily Wedding Services is a team of dedicated and hardworking individuals that have been involved in Bali’s wedding industry for over 10 years now, armed with a wealth of experience and a great reputation. We take charge of the design and the logistic of your special day. We make sure your wedding reflects your unique personality and style, all the way from your budget to your theme of choice. We recommend and work only with the vendors that we trust – the ones who have consistently delivered amazing services.
The secret to all of this is we work with our heart as we love being part of beautiful, love-filled weddings for our Brides, Grooms and their families.
View our INSTAGRAM FEED for photographs and videos of beautiful Bali weddings we have organized.

Is it possible to meet the wedding planner and do site visits together before we confirm to go ahead with Lily Wedding Services ?

We would love to meet you in person to hear more about your wedding and have further discussion on the wedding planning. Simply let us know when you are in Bali and we will arrange for the meeting with you. For the meeting only we do not charge any fee at all.
Should you prefer to do the site visits as well as the meeting, we will charge a fee of IDR 3,000,000net/day for a maximum of 8 hours. This fee covers our assistance for the wedding venue, vendor visits and transportation (car, driver, and gasoline) for the day. Do note that this fee will be adjusted to your deposit later once you confirm with Lily Wedding Services.

What is Lily Wedding Services coordination fee and what does it include?

When working with Lily Wedding Services you will have the personal assistance of your very own wedding planner and coordinator from beginning to end. Our planners are experienced in the industry and are experts at what they do. We are here to save you time as our team will handle all of the details so you can experience a stress-free celebration. Our fee depends on the total number of the wedding guests. Please CONTACT US for more details.

Our fee includes an unlimited array of service including unlimited correspondence via email and/or telephone, assistance with budget and breakdown cost, discussion and development of theme/style for the wedding, assistance on liaising and contracting venue and vendors, assistance on site visit and meeting prior to the wedding day, assistance on the wedding rehearsal prior to the wedding day, day of coordination and supervision from the preparation of the day until the event is finished (maximum 13 hours/day/event), wedding/event run down and floor plan, and full team on the wedding day such a wedding planner, wedding coordinator, a Bride’s assistant, a Groom’s assistant, guests assistants and vendors assistants.

Please see our SERVICES page for more details.


“ Dear Sarce, we can’t begin to express our gratitude for all that you did to deliver the wedding of our dreams. Your team did such an amazing job of amplifying our vision and delivering the most spectacular event we could have imagined. Each and every detail reflected our personalities, and maximised the impact of our venue and our budget. We had come to expect that organising a destination wedding would be fraught with challenges in communication. Your communication was always clear, timely, concise, and from start to finish we felt 100% confident in you. The vendors you recommended executed the brief to perfection, and your team delivered seamless coordination on the day. Everything went so smoothly, and we got to spend the most amazing day of our lives enjoying all you had created without a moment spent worrying or stressed. We could not have asked for more. Your whole team consistently went above and beyond expectations to create the most magical day for our guests and us. We’d strongly recommend that anyone planning a wedding in Bali doesn’t do it without you! “

Keryn & Tim Wilson (Australia)

Villa Asli & Zelie

Our whole wedding came together in 6 months which we could never have done without the amazing work by our wedding planner, Sarce from Lily Wedding Services ”

Skye & Nicholas (Australia)

The Istana Villa

” Both Garth & I wanted to thank you so much for everything you and your team accomplished on our wedding day. Your professionalism, passion, effort, and dedication is outstanding and brings out the best on everything. You really made our dream come true, and it will forever be a day we never forget. “

Cynthia & Garth (Argentina)

Villa Shalimar

“Thanks to the greatest wedding planner, Sarce, we had a fantastic memory for our wedding. Holding the ceremony abroad is not a common thing in China, we do agree that hiring Sarce as our planner is the one of the rightest decision we’ve made. Our families and friends keep talking about our wedding, and they also feel so happy and excited to be part of the unforgettable ceremony and dinner. No one could believe that Sarce gave us such a beautiful wedding within such a limited budget. In my opinion, Sarce is more like an old friend than a planner, because she did try her best to make the wedding as beautiful as possible. She is always there, answering my questions, giving me great suggestions for the wedding, helping solve urgencies on the wedding day. If you’re planning to hold your wedding in Bali, Sarce will definitely give you an amazing experience which worth being memorized for life-time long.”

Alice & James (Beijing, China)

The Longhouse



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